The Full Miracle Day Plan - English Version -

A method to organise your progress on Harp

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How to learn Celtic harp at home?

Progress effectively at home without worries

A study shows that on average more than 63% of people

who start a musical instrument stops after one year of practice!

Why ?

most often it is for different reasons where:

  • of time, take the time to practice
  • economic reasons
  • reasons for motivation

and especially everyday,

how to practice your instrument as an amateur to progress and have fun!

after this finding,

I propose a training that will give you

my keys,

my fundamentals to learn at home the harp

with a different angle,

an angle to organize

and create a positive routine.

The Miracle Music Day Plan is a Video Day training course

This plan is offered in 12 Tools

3 Videos + 2 Podcasts
Plan :
Day 1 - song preparation and discovery
Day 2 - work on the tempo and enrichment of the right hand
Day 3 - endurance, expression and creativity and much more.

You will also have:

The Weekly Plan - Pdf + Picture version -
The information Tune Page - Pdf -
The Practice Plan - Pdf -
The Rainbow Color Plan - Pdf -

2 Scores
- An hini a garan / Breton tune
-Christ Child Lullaby / Scottish lullaby

Class Curriculum - Programme de la formation

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